April 8th Total Solar Eclipse

April 8th Total Solar Eclipse

Parking reservations

Location #1.
Riverman Trailrides parking lot will be available for reserved parking for the Solar event on April 8th. Spots are limited. Those who reserve will have access to bathroom facilities and are encouraged to bring ice chests and chairs. You will walk across the parking lot, and into a pasture to view the eclipse. Costs for location #1 is $200.00 per vehicle.

Location #2.
Riverman Trailrides will be taking reservations for parking on the south end of the ranch. We will provide bathroom facilities and concessions. This area sits along the edge of the Glover River. This area will be secluded and no one other then those who have reserved Will have access to this location. The ranch gates will be closed and locked during the event to provide safety and seclusion for the paying customers. You wont be over run by crowds trying to find spots to park. You will have access to wide open fields to set up pop up canopies/tents and relax and enjoy the event. Prices for location #2 are $550.00 per vehicle.

Tent camping.
We will be offering tent camping for the Solar eclipse event. Camping spots will be provided along the Glover River. You will be able to set up tents beginning April 7th and will need to move out April 9th. This offers seclusion, peaceful viewing of the Solar Eclipse, and time to avoid the massive amounts of people who will be in our area for the event. These spots are very limited and will only be for those who reserve. Prices for 2 night camping spots. $1350.00 per tent.